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Empowering digital society in Pakistan!

E-Digital Pakistan is a tech based Private Limited company registered with SECP in 2018. "At E-Digital Pakistan, our mission is to pioneer the transformation of Pakistan into a digitally empowered society. We are committed to leveraging innovative technology, digital education, and inclusive access to information to uplift communities, drive economic growth, and enhance the quality of life for all Pakistanis.

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Digital Solutions for Development


Our digital solutions have a significant impact on the education system, reshaping the way education is delivered, accessed, and experienced.These tools have profound impact on education, transforming the way students learn, teachers instruct, and educational institutions operate.


with digital healthcare we help to achieve higher levels of automation and efficiency, innovate new products and services, modernize infrastructure, enhance access and quality of healtcare service with increased community outreach, and deliver better outcomes at a sustainable cost.

Emergency Response

Digital solutions play a crucial role in improving emergency response efforts, helping first responders and organizations manage crises more effectively.Here are several digital solutions used in emergency response:Emergency Alerts System,GIS,Mass Notification System,Mobile Emeregency Kits etc.

Smart Agriculture

Digital solutions are transforming food systems by improving efficiency, sustainability, traceability, and accessibility. These technologies are essential for addressing challenges in the global food supply chain. smart agriculture,food delivery & distribution,e-commerece, food safety, food waste reduction, nutrition & dietry apps, sustainable & alternative food production,and food education & awareness are few digital solutions.


Digital solutions play a pivotal role in improving livelihoods by creating opportunities, enhancing economic empowerment, and increasing access to resources and markets.e-commerce, remote work, freelanching,digital payments, fintech,skills development,social enterprizes, networking, digital reskilling and upskilling, and crowdfunding.


Technology offers numerous benefits for the localization approach in humanitarian assistance, making aid efforts more efficient, effective, and responsive to the needs of affected populations.Faster response and communication,data collection and analysis, mapping and Geospatial analysis, cash based assistance, community engagement & feedback, local capacity building and disaster preparedness & response are few areas where localation can benefit from technology.

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We empower digital society in Pakistan.

"At E-Digital Pakistan, our mission is to pioneer the transformation of Pakistan into a digitally empowered society. We are committed to leveraging innovative technology, digital education, and inclusive access to information to uplift communities, drive economic growth, and enhance the quality of life for all Pakistanis."

E-Digital Pakistan is Private Limited Company registered with Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) having registration No: 0117236 back in March 2018. The company is also registered with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) in September, 2023.

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E-research leverages digital technologies and online resources to streamline data collection, analysis, and collaboration, enhancing research efficiency, and enabling collaboration on a global scale.

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we use digital tools and platforms to promote a cause, idea, or policy, and to mobilize individuals or groups to take action on specific issues. we use the power of the internet and social media to engage, inform, and influence a wide audience.

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E-citizenship demands for a responsible digital citizen to promote a positive online environment and protect individuals from potential risks and harms.it is not just a concern for individuals but also for schools, families, and communities.

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E-Skills are essential in today's increasingly digital and technology-driven world, both for personal and professional purposes. we provide basic digital literacy to more advanced skills required for specific tasks and professions.

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we provide online opportunities for individuals to work from home or from virtually anywhere in the world. our E-Job platform encompass a wide range of professions and industries, allowing people to take on multiple short-term or project-based jobs.

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E-Education & Health

E-Education & Health

E-education encompasses a wide range of educational activities, from formal online school programs to non-formal self-paced learning. E-health platforms offer a wide range of digital health services, enhancing accessibility and quality of healtcare services.

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E-Center is a digital hub envisioned to create more inclusive, empowered, and connected communities. They address digital divides, promote economic growth, enhance education, and empower individuals and businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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We support e-government services, information, and interactions with citizens, businesses, and other government entities.we aim to make government more accessible, efficient, transparent, and responsive to the needs of the public.

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Software Development Lifecycle

we offer software development process and solutions in a structured and systematic way. You have idea! let's implement it.








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IT Consulting Services

we designed comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of different scale and structure of organization within their available resources.


Problem solving




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Dedicated Team

We scout and hire the best technical talent in Pakistan to ensure your team is staffed with top qualified engineers.All employees are solely allocated to the client’s engagement

Resource planning

Team formation

Real-time monitoring

Technical liaison

Daily/Weekly reporting

Technical leading

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Web Development

Our streamlined development process and experience allow us to deliver top-of-the-line web development services that tick all the boxes.

Mobile Development

we delight our clients with expressive and feature-rich native iOS / Android, cross-platform or Progressive Web Apps leveraging our extensive experience of working with all major technologies.


Build your skills to improve service efficiency and drive performance results.we equip you with job-relevant skills to help reduce unemployment and increase economic competitiveness, increase business impact and agility with in-demand tech, data, and leadership skills.The visible outcomes like getting a promotion, becoming better at their current job, and finding a new job are ensured through in-demand practicle skills.



Digital Marketing

Web Development

Mobile Development

Business Management

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5,000 joint E-working centers

Pakistan to set up 5,000 joint E-working centers for freelancers.

22nd Sep, 2023

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Preparations for 5G.

Govt starts preparations for 5G spectrum auction in Pakistan, changing digital society.

23rd Sep, 2023

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earning jumps by 27pc

Pakistani freelancers’ earning jumps by 27pc, boosting country economy instantly.

3rd mar, 2023

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