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E-Digital Pakistan was established back in 2018, with a vision to empower digital society in Pakistan. Our vision directly contribute to the Pakistan's National Digital Vision, known as the "Digital Pakistan Vision," a government-led initiative which aimed at transforming Pakistan into a knowledge- based economy and empowering its ci+zens through digital technologies. In the rapidly evolving global landscape, Pakistan stands at the threshold of a digital revolution.

The vision of empowering a digital society in Pakistan seeks to harness the poten+al of technology to drive economic growth, social progress, and overall well-being for its ci+zens. We believe that like school, health facility, adult literacy center etc.

E-Digital Pakistan is Private Limited Company registered with Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) having registration No: 0117236 back in March 2018. The company is also registered with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) in September, 2023.

There is transforma+on afoot, the wheels on our machine of innovation are spinning faster and becer than ever. We must con+nuously push for a cohesive and comprehensive ecosystem that combines supply of talent, market access, funding access and infrastructure in a con+nuous virtuous cycle. We need an Innova+on Perpetuity feed-in loop, one which secures supply, meets demands, and drives higher Return on Ideas.

We empower digital society in Pakistan.

our envisioned products for development.

We are few at the moment but we are not alone.

We have adopted a Unique implementation approach

building networks & partnerships

we will mobilize the existing resources which will provide us an opporutnity for a shared physical or digital workspace, resources, knowledge and skills enabling E-Digital Pakistan to transform thier ideas into reality.

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KP IT Park, Baord Bazar, Peshawar, kP, Pakistan

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